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Business card website

Business card website it’s several pages of information, which give an opportunity to learn about your services and contacts immediately.


Prospective clients immediately see all the necessary information.


Let to save money on the internal advertising.


The possibility to change and edit the information quickly.

Online catalog

Online catalog

The informativeness

The ability to provide detailed information about your activities.


All the information is on the website, and there is no need to create Price list


Due to the intuitive interface you can add and edit information yourself in a matter of minutes.

Corporate website

Corporate site is designed for easy access of staff to corporate data. As a rule, it is a large and a multipage site.


The ability to provide detailed information about your activities.


Large memory capacity will enable the exchange of required information.


Available forum for internal communication.

Online shop

Online shop is a site where given full information about your services or products. And also there is the possibility of online purchase.


Anyone can make a purchase, regardless of their place of residence.


No need for a large staff, as well as for renting of trading areas.


Owning such a shop, you have no restrictions on movement. It is enough to carry your laptop or tablet to run your business.

Promo-site - it is a small but

Promo-site - it is a small but attractive website that invites a person to make a purchase.


Bright design will surely attract the attention of customers.


Such sites are always popular.


You can always get accurate information about the effectiveness of the advertising company.

What is Landing page?

Landing page- is an advertising website, which allows you to sell your services quickly, and increase the customer base, primarly due to interested in your services clients.


The Ability to get maximum profit, due to the large number of interested buyers.


Landing- one of the most inexpensive, but effective websites!


A small period of creation, which makes it possible to make a profit immediately.

Development of design

We are able to design beautiful, and most importantly functional design of the site, which will attract the attention of even the most demanding customer.

Banner design

Banner - one of the most popular items in Internet advertising. It is a graphic element that also includes a hyperlink to a webpage.

Static banner

Graphic promotional element that does not move and does not contain a hyperlink.

Gif Banner

Banner, which uses a simple animation in gif format. The most common type of banners.

Flash banner

Developed by using Adobe Flash and uses vector graphics, which allows you to create high-quality animation, even with the small size of the banner. Also it is possible to add sound effects, if necessary.


It is impossible to create the popular site, without using graphics. This is an effective way to attract customers' attention to your site, which has a much greater emotional response than just text.

The development of illustrations

Our company offers a wide range of images, depending on the theme of the site, from the sketches to collages and photos.

Development of graphic characters

To give your site a unique image, our designers can offer to use in the design of the website graphic characters. The character with which customers will associate your products or services is a very important advertising course. Not only it is significantly improves the image of the site, and the company as a whole, but also creates a positive mood among visitors, which in turn, increases the probability of making them necessary actions.

Development of graphical icons

Icon is a necessary element of any site, it makes it easier to navigate, and is an important element to give style to your site. Well-designed icons make the site understandable and accessible to any user.

Site design

Website design should not only be beautiful, but also functional. Exactly that, offer designers of our company. We specialize on high-quality design, which, for sure, will be able to create a good impression on any customer.

Creation of design

We can help you to create a unique website design from scratch.


We also carry out a ready site redesign. Redesign is necessary, since Internet technology and your target audience change over the time. And in order to keep up with the time sometimes you need to change, too.

The design of non-standard project

If you need a special design, which will emphasize the individuality of your business, we are always at your service.

Promotion on the Internet

Nowadays promotion on the Internet - an integral part of promotion of any business, especially for beginners. Order site promotion and you will see a real increase in sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search optimization is a process that aims to improve the site to promote it in search engines. It is one of the most effective methods of promotion on the Internet.We use the practice of search engine optimization to increase the number of visitors to a website by getting high rank on the search results of search engines. With the help of SEO services you can be sure that the site is accessible to a search engine, which in turn increases the chances that the site will be found and appreciated by the search engine. We offer a wide range of packages and options for search engine optimization, ranging from one-time payment for a small website, to monthly subscriptions for SEO Services.

SEO services for small websites

One-time payment, there is no need for a subscription fee.

SEO services for large sites

We offer work on a permanent basis. We prepare reports on the effectiveness of the work.

SEO services for the site, which is still in development

We can help you increase the traffic of the new site.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Promotion in social networks - kind of Internet marketing that uses social networks as a method of attracting audience. The main advantage of this marketing tool is that social networks are very popular in our time, which will help to promote your product or service to more people. Also, it is quite cost-effective marketing tool; it is perfect for a new business.

Facebook (1, 5 million active users per month)

Social network, created to maintain contact with friends and colleagues. We add information about your business in the group, as well as carry out branding and promotional activities. The advantage is the coverage of diverse audiences, its mass..

Twitter (500 million registered users))

Information network, operating in real time. We write tweets with relevant information about your company, add video and images, select actual topics that guarantee responses.

Conversion rate optimization

The conversion rate optimization is the process of optimizing sites, in order to increase the conversion rate. In other words, the goal is to get the highest possible percentage of visitors to your site that will make the necessary action (to buy your products, click on links). A method of increasing the conversion is gaining popularity very quick, because it helps to achieve an increase in sales, without adding advertising.

Conversion rate optimization

The conversion rate optimization is the process of optimizing sites, in order to increase the conversion rate. In other words, the goal is to get the highest possible percentage of visitors to your site that will make the necessary action (to buy your products, click on links). A method of increasing the conversion is gaining popularity very quick, because it helps to achieve an increase in sales, without adding advertising.

Using keywords

Well-chosen keywords will make the search of your site easier for users, that means that more people will find your site by entering the query in a search engine.

Using a landing page to increase conversion rate

Landing page is an effective tool for the rapid increase in the conversion and expansion of your customer base. Landing page - is a one-page promotional bright site, which has the following characteristics: - A compelling title that allows users to be interested in your business. - Attractive design - Eye-catching, clickable banner with a call to action.

Adding testimonials and subscriptions to the newsletter, which will help your site to gain the trust of users.

Web content development

Really high-quality content for your site can help to fulfill such important tasks as: promotion of your site (search engines respond better to the unique content), competent presentation of information to your customers will attract their attention to your site.

Static content

Pages or parts of the site that do not change do not depend on the actions of users and locations. The static content on the site is mainly shown as the author’s articles or information sections. Advantages of static content:

Low cost of development.

Simple site address that you can easily remember.

Static content is easy to add and change.

Dynamic content

Able to change constantly. There is available interactive with the visitors. For example, it shows recommended products, depending on what products the client revised recently. Advantages of dynamic content:

Easy-to-use for the visitors, as responsive to their needs.

The user can manage the content

Users are able to see updates and news on site immediately.

Multimedia content

In order to ensure uniqueness, as well as creating an image, you can order the use of video, images and audio on your website.


Ability to add audio effects to your website.


Photos and images can instantly improve the appearance of your site.


Video effects are sometimes necessary in order to allow users to see the services provided by you online.

Technical support

Using the technical support, you can protect yourself from any unforeseen situations with your site. Thus, saving time, money and reputation. Therefore, in our opinion, the order of technical support services is necessary for the normal operation of your website.

Content updating

You are free to support the work of site, such as adding new products to the catalog, news of your company, and so on. To do this, we will teach you how to work with a management system. But also, you can rely on us in this important task, and thus save yourself from a lot of troubles.


If you need to update the design of the site, you can always rely on our support. We can help to eliminate any problem with the functionality and design of your site


We provide you a reliable hosting (space to store your data on the server). And also eliminate the possible problems connected with it. This will protect you from the unexpected termination of your site.

Content management

The Content Management System- information system, which simplifies the process of adding and editing content on your site. When choosing a CMS, first of all we need to focus on the essential tasks for you and the future functionality of the site.

Development on Laravel framework

Laravel - a platform for the development of sites, with extensive functionality, which makes it possible to perform the tasks of any complexity. Many programmers find this platform very convenient and efficient. Benefits of development on Laravel framework:

The ability to implement a project of any complexity, due to the high functionality of the platform.

The site control panel is clear and easy to use, for the user with any level of computer skills. You'll be able to easily manage the content on your website.

Your site is well protected, as the projects developed on Laravel platform have a high level of protection.

The development on own CMSS

The development is carried out, taking into account all the customer requirements, adjusting to all the necessary criteria. It allows developing unique projects. Benefits of development on own CMS:

The ability to adjust the CMS under the specific needs of the user.

Our CMS focuses on the promotion of a site on the Internet. And the development of the site will entail a popularity of your site, which will necessarily lead to an increase in your customer base.

Working with our CMS is always easy and understandable, and it is an important factor for your future interaction with your own website.

Marketing and Consulting

Our experts have extensive experience in providing consulting services. The services of marketing and consulting, which are provided by our company, will help your site to have a success among your customers.

Сonsultation for the project

It is an important part of the work on your project. This is necessary to gain a deeper understanding of your company's activities and new ideas in general. Having a great experience, we will be able to objectively evaluate your idea and perfect it. Benefits:

Individual approach.

If you have no idea yet - it does not matter! Our company has creative people who by evaluating the current situation will be able to offer original ideas to help to present your business on the Internet as good as possible.

Any unexpectedness.

We can discuss all the details of your project, right down to the smallest details.

Objective assessment.

We estimate the timing and prospects of the project, which will give you the opportunity to obtain the necessary information promptly and to calculate the benefit from it.


Marketing- is exactly the tool that helps to create a popular website with high attendance, and get the maximum profit, which is 100% will cover all your expenses for development of the site.

Search Engine Optimization

You need to promote your website. The main goal is to place your website in the top search results of search engines.

Marketing in the social networks and e-mail marketing

This tool is effective because of a large audience. It is also possible to sort the target audience, and it ensures that the advertisement of your services will be received by your potential customers.

Contextual advertising

Advertising that appears depending on the user's request. Thus, information about your services already gets an interested audience.

Business consulting

If you need fresh ideas on business, or view from the side on certain issues, we are ready to offer you our services in business consulting. With us, you always get the support they need to successfully overcome the difficulties on the way to your success. Benefits of business consulting:

We will provide you with fresh ideas on maintaining your business.

We will provide assistance in dealing with a complex project.

We will be able to make an assessment of the prospects of the project.

It consulting

We focus on the strategic needs and long-term goals of your business to determine the information technology necessary for this. Using our services, you can be sure of excellent support from IT. Benefits:

Assistance in the preparation of IT solutions, which are suitable for your business.

Assessment of existing systems of your business.

We will be able to make an assessment of the prospects of the project.